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Article • July 23, 2013

Never Read Spam Again

Send all your unwanted emails to MailDrop

You’re browsing the Web. Installing apps. Maybe doing a little shopping. Basically, enjoying the Internet.

And then five words stop you in your tracks: Please enter your e-mail address.

If the addition of your email address to the equation seems less than necessary, use MailDrop, a throwaway email address that requires no signup, no password, and is created in just one click.

Just type in the desired prefix (we created; chances are your first name is available) and click “go.” You now have a temporary inbox that holds up to 10 messages and will automatically disappear if it’s inactive for 24 hours.

Is it secure? Hardly. Private? Not in the least. But it provides a serviceable email address for you to access flash sales, play that pig-popping game, or enjoy any other online activity that does (but shouldn’t) require access to an inbox.

So go claim your MailDrop and keep your real inbox nice and tidy.