Ex.fm - Netted
Article • July 24, 2013


Ex.fm Pulls Music from All Around the Internet

Sometimes, when you haven’t seen someone in a while, you can’t help but say, “My, how you’ve grown.”

When Exfm first started, it was called “Extension FM.” It followed your search history and rounded up the MP3s from every page you’d visited. That way you had to scrounge around for that cool song you heard weeks ago.

But now, it’s all grown up. They way the founders describe it, Exfm is doing to streaming music what iTunes did to your CDs over a decade ago: fully organizing and centralizing everything you want to hear.

Now Exfm is really, really smart. It taps into your favorite sites where music is being shared freely and legally – think Youtube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp – and organizes all the music into one huge, free library with playlists, favorites, trending albums, and more.

How big is that library? According to Exfm themselves, approximately 25 million songs.

All grown up, indeed.