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Article • July 29, 2013

Enhance Your Concert Experiences Visually

Make your lifetime concert diary with Lanyard

Bruce at Metlife stadium. Phish from cost to coast. Jesse & the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon.

Your concert-going history tells and interesting story.

But before you start digging up ticket stubs, take a look at Lanyard, a beautifully designed concert diary site for anybody who takes more than a little pride in their live show resume.

Lanyard has a huge database of past and future concerts which users can add to their dossier in real time or retroactively. Once checked in, concertgoers can add photos, notes, and ratings to populate a collective memory of the event.

The site also reminds you who that opening act was and stores the show’s set list, which links to Spotify so you can re-listen to the concert in order. You can even share your live music history on Facebook and Twitter.

Just remember to keep that Phish story short.