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Article • July 30, 2013

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Use these apps to make your mattress a genius

What’s the difference between a great night’s sleep and hours of tossing and turning? Hint: It’s not a glass of warm milk.

For answers, look to your phone. SleepCycle for iPhone and Sleep as Android are apps that use your phone’s accelerometer to sense your movements throughout the night and track your sleep patterns.

Both apps work the same way: Set the app’s alarm for the latest you want to wake up then lay your phone in bed with you. Your phone records your movements (and your stillness) to measure your sleep cycles.

Then, as your wake-up time approaches, your phone will gently rouse you during your lightest sleep phase.

Along with helpful intel like when you should be going to bed and if you sleep better on days you exercise, the developers of each app also promise a wealth of “sleep deficit and deep sleep statistics” that you can “export to Excel for detailed analysis.”

Sounds like a real snoozefest.