Postpone - Netted
Article • August 7, 2013


Procrastinate Your Way to Productivity with Postpone

And now for the latest trend in productivity: putting things off.

While the approach may seem counterintuitive, it makes sense in the hands of Postpone, a new web app that aims to up your productivity by upping your procrastination.

So while most to-do list apps are geared towards reorganizing, collaborating on, and completing tasks, Postpone adds a first order of business: Pare down your list.

To do that, Postpone has baked in a wonderfully simple feature to remove a task from a list for a certain amount of time, either specific (“in 30 minutes”) or vague (“next week”). You’ll receive an email once the task is re-added to the list.

The goal is to keep tasks that don’t require immediate attention from clogging up your list and being a distraction.

Speaking of which, don’t you have some procrastinating to do?