Origami - Netted
Article • August 12, 2013


Origami Is a Private Network for Your Family

How to start a riot at your next family gathering in three easy steps:

1.  Clear throat
2.  Pull out phone
3.  Say, “Does anyone want to see new baby pictures?”

Here to play peacekeeper is Origami, a new service that creates an invite-only website and social network specifically for your family.

Photos, videos, stories, and memories are organized in a beautifully designed chronological newsfeed; you can even import albums directly from Facebook for faster upload.

Family members can check in whenever they want either online or via apps for iPhone and Android. There is an optional daily digest email, and all users have access to the family’s important information – birthdays, emails, numbers, and addresses.

Origami is free for the first month, then just $5 a month. For that you get a free custom domain, plus unlimited photo and video upload for an unlimited number of members.

And a little piece of mind at your next family gathering.