Never Worry About Getting Locked Out Again - Netted
Article • August 15, 2013

Never Worry About Getting Locked Out Again

Solve frustrating lockouts thanks to KeyMe

Pat your pockets. Rummage through your purse. Check the potted plant. Then come to the grim conclusion: You lost your keys.

But you’re not freaking out because you’ve got KeyMe, a brand-new iPhone app that stores copies of your keys in the cloud.

After snapping a photo of your key, KeyMe determines the two pieces of info any locksmith needs to make a copy: what type of key to pull off the wall (KW1 is the most popular, if you were wondering) and the series of four letters and numbers representing the depth and spacing of the teeth pattern.

You can scan and store an unlimited number of keys for free; unlocking the blueprints for your local key cutter costs $9.99 – which sure beats changing the lock for $150.

And if you’re worried about losing your phone (which now has your keys on it), fear not: The app takes security very seriously, and notes “We don’t know where you live and we don’t want to know.”

Now if only you could store a copy of your phone in the cloud, too.