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Article • August 16, 2013

Support Your Favorite Charities and Inspire Change

One Today is a super easy donation app

The ancient Greek poet Homer once wrote, “The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.”

Android users, here is your precious trifle: One Today, a new app from Google that enables single-tap $1 donations for a different charity each day.

The app teaches you about the day’s featured project; describes the charity’s work; and shows you where your money is going and how it will help (e.g. $1 = 17 days of school funded for a student in Laos).

If you decide you’d like to give, a single tap immediately donates $1. And since charges are processed through your Play account, you don’t need to enter credit card information.

The page also includes stats on the total success of the campaign. And by sharing with your friends, you can see what your total monetary impact is.

Now that’s some buzz we can get behind.