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Article • August 22, 2013

Experience Virtual Reality for Cheap

Leap Motion is an eraser-sized, motion sensing, next-generation computer tool

NES, Nintendo 64, Wii. Some things change (graphics, speed, cartridges), and some things stay the same (“But our princess is in another castle!”).

The next generation of consoles, though, is embarking on something entirely different. Meet Leap Motion, a motion-sensing device that is looking past joysticks, and even games, and into the future.

Leap Motion is a USB sensor about the size and shape of an eraser that hooks up to your computer. It senses – incredibly accurately – your movements in the hemisphere of space above it, letting you control the action with your hands: a slash to Cut the Rope, a swipe to browse the paper.

Leap Motion is cheap ($80, not bad compared to the $400 PlayStation 4), and is giving away a free app a day for the remainder of the week. Check out their Airspace app store for a complete selection.

Then wave goodbye to your controllers.