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Article • August 26, 2013

Discover and Buy the Best Wines

Drync is Shazam for wine

Having a well-apped phone can be like having a full staff of specialists at your disposal. Osito is your personal assistant. KeyMe is your locksmith. GymPact is your physical trainer. And now Drync can be your sommelier.

For the non-oenophiles among us: sommeliers are those waiter-like experts at restaurants who recommend wine to you – and Drync is like Shazam meets Amazon meets a nice Pinot gris.

Drync uses your iPhone’s camera to scan wine labels. It then identifies them (using its 1.7 million bottle database) and stores what you like, own, and want. Leave notes about your favorite bottles – stuff like, “earthy tones” or “tasted like Robitussin.”

Since you’re now halfway to becoming a wine expert, you’ll find Drync’s newest feature particularly intriguing: You can order many of the bottles you scan right off the app. And if you order over six bottles, shipping is free.

Just make sure you don’t order that Robitussin one again.