PoachIt - Netted
Article • August 27, 2013


PoachIt Is the One Button You Must Press Before Checkout

Shopping online is a tricky business. Coupon codes pop up. Prices go down. Only the lucky few pay the lowest price.

Well, today’s your lucky day thanks to PoachIt. With one click, the new tool ensures you don’t overpay.

When you land on the page of something you want to buy, click the Poach button in your bookmark bar. Two things happen: First, it displays any coupon codes currently available for the item. Second, it notifies you if the item goes on sale in the future.

What we like most is that it’s just one click and you never leave the page. So even if there are no coupons available and the price never drops, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any time.

It’s a nice trick to have up your sleeve.