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Article • August 28, 2013

Navigate Public Transit Anywhere Like a Pro

Visualize public transport around the world with Transit App

Of all the sentences that strike fear into the hearts of commuters, “The next train will arrive in twenty-five minutes” ranks in the top two.

Here to ease your anxiety is Transit App, a straphanger’s dream now available for Android or iPhone in 43 cities worldwide.

While the Google Maps of the world lump transit info in with the larger navigation picture, Transit App focuses solely on getting from point A to B via railways, buses, subways, and other forms of public transportation.

And if you’re in an unfamiliar city, Transit App can navigate you. Open the app to see the options in your vicinity, or type in a destination for a detailed itinerary including directions, schedules, and travel times. Plus (and this is key) the app works offline.

It won’t, however, help with the other sentence in the top two: “And now, a gymnastics performance!