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Article • August 29, 2013

Split All of Your Bills Easily

Manage group expenses with ease with BillPin

Making friends is hard – Dale Carnegie figured it out, and it made him a millionaire.

Losing friends, on the other hand, is as easy as uttering the phrase, “Can I get that $20 you owe me?”

Cue our friendly reminder to download BillPin, a website with apps for iPhone and Android that tracks who owes what to whom without ruffling feathers.

When you sign up, BillPin asks you to sync your contacts to get a sense of whom you’ll be billing. Then let the crediting begin.

Entering charges is simple, and the app does the dirty work of requesting payment from your pal via email – which is surprisingly less awkward than a regular email. Use it to track both what you are owed and what you owe for dinners, rent, utilities, group vacations, and more.

BillPin probably won’t help you win friends, but you’ll definitely influence people.