Locket - Netted
Article • August 30, 2013


Locket Pays You to Put Ads on Your Lock Screen

By some folks’ calculations, smartphone users unlock their devices three times an hour.

For Android users with Locket, those swipes are now worth cold hard cash.

Locket displays ads on your lock screen and pays you for the advertising real estate whether you engage with the ad or not. Just swap out that picture of your dog, and you’ll earn a penny every time you unlock your phone.

Engadget did a little math and determined the maximum amount an obsessed user could make in a year is $262.80, though Locket’s creators claim the app randomly doles out bonuses to loyal users.

Funds can be transferred to your PayPal account, put on a gift card, or – and this is especially cool – donated it straight to charity.

At the very least, it makes for a good comeback when people say you spend too much time on your phone.