Twine - Netted
Article • September 4, 2013


Meet Singles, without Getting Creepy

You’d sooner fall in love with your phone than fall in love through your phone.

But if there was ever an app that could play matchmaker it’s Twine, now available for iPhone and Android.

In a world of dating apps that let random people know where you are or are predicated on sending photos that could ruin your political future, Twine feels shockingly normal.

For starters, it’s gender-balanced. (If the male-female ratio gets skewed, the app creates a queue for the overpopulated gender.) Moreover, photos are blurred and real identities are concealed until both people trade messages and give Twine the go-ahead to make a formal introduction.

Twine also limits the amount of messages a person can send (to curb desperate spamming) and gives conversational assists based on what it knows about you and your paramour. Stuff like, “So, you grew up in Brooklyn?” and “Carlos Danger – now that’s an interesting name!”

Actually, maybe don’t take that date.