Yevvo - Netted
Article • September 5, 2013


Create Live Streams from Your Phone with Yevvo

Chances are you’ve flicked on your TV at some point and seen Big Brother, the all-access reality show where you can actually watch the contestants online at any time of day.

What’s that got to do with you? The brand new, free iPhone app Yevvo can broadcast a live stream and notify all your Twitter followers with just one click. Internet stardom, here you come.

So whether you’re doing something cool – at the Replacements’ reunion or watching a landslide crush a car – or just bored, Yevvo can broadcast exactly what you’re seeing with a simple swipe.

Plus, Yevvo lets you search streams based on events or locations. So if you want to see what kind of weirdness is happening at Electric Zoo, follow that location and you’ll be notified when someone is broadcasting from there.

But the best part about Yevvo is that (unlike Big Brother), you can turn it off.