Grovo - Netted
Article • September 11, 2013


Master Almost Any Tool on the Internet with Grovo

The Internet can be a great learning tool – if you’ve learned how to use it properly.

So without further ado, meet your tutor, Grovo.

Like CliffsNotes for the digital world, Grovo’s huge library of 60-second video lessons will teach you the ins and outs of the top sites, apps, and tools on the Internet.

Grovo starts by identifying what devices you use and what your goals are so it can provide the most relevant lessons. From there, the digestible tutorials are broken down by category, skill level, and date added (gotta stay current).

Pro tips range from the basic (mastering Gmail) to the delightfully high-tech (using the vastly underappreciated IFTTT). Many of the site’s 3,500 tutorials and 7,100 quizzes are available for free; complete access can be had for as little as $7.50 a month.

And classroom attire is pajama casual.