Never Argue Over Splitting the Bill Again - Netted
Article • September 16, 2013

Never Argue Over Splitting the Bill Again

Split bills in a split second with Tab

What’s more annoying: the guy who orders more than everyone else then offers to “split it equally” or the one who spends 20 minutes doing advanced calculus to figure out exactly what everyone owes?

You never need to know, because you have Tab, a receipt-splitting app for the iPhone and Android that scans and processes receipts using your phone camera.

After snapping a photo of your bill, Tab will create an itemized list of your orders. Simply tap items to claim them; tax and tip will be factored into your personal total.

Bonus: You can split the cost of shared items, and if it’s someone’s birthday the app can split their total equally amongst everyone else.

And since the app is free, there’ll be no squabbling over who downloads it.