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Article • September 17, 2013

Document Your Travels Beautifully

Auto-generate beautiful travelogues with Rove

Remember that time you went to that place? Down that alley in that cute little town? With those really good snack things?

You would if you had Rove, an app that automatically creates beautiful travel logs while your phone sits quietly in your pocket.

By following your GPS coordinates, the iPhone app maps your movements. When you stop somewhere that the app identifies as a location (a restaurant, museum, shop, etc.) an entry is made in the travel log.

Yes, there is some battery drain involved, but Rove is optimized nicely. If you are stopped (say, eating dinner) or moving very quickly (say, flying) Rove will take notice and minimize usage accordingly.

You can also insert photos and notes after the fact to round out the story. The end result? A timeline of your trip that’s as beautiful as it is memorable.