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Article • September 24, 2013

Tune In To The Best Playlists

Listen to music, news, and more with Agogo

Imagine the best party ever. You’re there (duh), but so is Jimi Hendrix. Claude Debussy is hanging with Orson Welles. Groucho Marx is cracking up Ira Glass.

This party is actually happening, just in your pocket. No, we didn’t skip breakfast this morning; we’re talking about Agogo, a new iPhone app (Android coming soon) that combines music, news, podcasts, and more into one all-purpose app.

At its core, Agogo is a listening hub for all things audio – meaning it condenses your music player, podcast manager, and Rdio and Spotify into one app. (Hence the nickname “the Swiss Army knife of apps.”)

There are also “curated channels,” which organize an endless stream of color-coded content around stations like Foodie, Celebrity, Bookish, Storytellers, and Evening Drive.

The app (which sports an absurdly cool design) even asked for our horoscope when we signed up. We don’t know why, other than it’d be a great pickup line at the best party ever.