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Article • September 25, 2013

Implement Hassle-Free Messaging at Work

Q: What's bigger than chat and smaller than email? A: Fleep

Pop quiz! Who are more annoying:

a) people who use email like chat?
b) people who use chat like email?

We’ll answer for you: It’s c) all of the above.

Here to prove us wrong is Fleep, a productivity tool that neither clogs your inbox nor demands any away message composition talent.

Started by two of Skype’s founding engineers, Fleep feels like the app that folks who cut their teeth in chat were born to make. Start group chats within Fleep and keep them going (looping in and dropping others as you go) right within Fleep or simply by email. In other words, not everyone involved needs to use Fleep, which is incredibly useful.

Chat histories are always in sync, and users can add attachments to the files drawer or tack to-do lists to the communal Pinboard. Think of it like a chat room on steroids (minus the A/S/L queries).

Congrats, Fleep. You aced this quiz.