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Article • September 26, 2013

Update Your iTunes Effortlessly

TuneUp 3.0 raises the bar with automagic feature

Updating great programs can be challenging.

For example, TuneUp 2.0 was already near perfect. It scanned your iTunes library and fixed names, removed duplicates, and added missing cover art. Genius.

So how does TuneUp 3.0 improve on that? Simple. Automagic.

Automagic is TuneUp’s latest trick, and it’s a doozy. Unlike previous versions of TuneUp where the user needed to locate problematic music files and drag them into the app, Automagic now finds and fixes those files with a single click.

Also added was a Dashboard, which scans your music library at startup and provides a diagnostic of how much music needs fixing in dynamic, colorful graphs. So if you see that 55% of your library needs fixing, you can click Automagic and leave TuneUp running while you busy yourself elsewhere.

Of course, TuneUp still loves its diehard music geeks. So the Drag n’ Drop feature still exists. You can drag and drop tracks from iTunes onto TuneUp at any time; if you’re already running Automagic, it will pause while you’re using Drag n’ Drop and resume Automgic when you’re done.

The free trial of the service allows for 100 track fixes, and for a limited time Netted readers can get 30% off a one-time purchase using promo code NettedVIP.