DeliRadio - Netted
Article • September 27, 2013


Stream Music from Bands that Are Playing Nearby

Everyone has that friend who liked every band before they were “cool.”

Arcade Fire? Saw them in a garage in 2001.

Drake? Discovered him on Degrassi.

Bon Iver? Built the log cabin he recorded in.

Your answer to that friend: DeliRadio, a platform that streams music from bands that are playing nearby.

Open up DeliRadio and you’ll see a list of upcoming concerts in your area, each with an audio stream. If you’re prospecting for shows, just let the playlist run until you hear something you like. Wondering if you should skip the opener for a show you’re attending? Give their track a spin right here.

You can also stream music by venue and search for bands by origin city. The genre search is perfect for dipping a toe in uncharted waters like classical and jazz.

Think of it like a mic check for your next favorite band.