Potluck - Netted
Article • October 1, 2013


Privately Share Your Favorite Videos with Potluck

You posted what you thought was the funniest link of all time, and what do you get for your efforts? “Pics or it didn’t happen.” “Cool story, bro.” And of course, a perfunctory “First.”

Dispel the anxiety of your posts flopping with Potluck, a new site where the shyest of posters will be excited to contribute.

Potluck is a side-project of Ev Williams and Biz Stone, two of Twitter’s founders – folks who know about the social pitfalls of sharing links.

They want to empower the lurkers – the 86% of Internet users who don’t post or share content. How do they do that? Simple: Potluck hides the poster’s identity until a reader clicks on the link. In other words, the only people viewing the content of the link are people who have already expressed interest in that content.

It’s a small tweak, but you’ll be surprised how different (and good) it feels.

Need a place to start? Try this video of an elephant and a dog playing together.