Get Driving Directions From a "Local" - Netted
Article • October 3, 2013

Get Driving Directions From a "Local"

Mapkin is a custom voice guided navigation app

Ask nice and Snoop Dogg will give you directions. Homer Simpson can too, and so will Yoda.

But entrusting navigation duties to the most grammatically confused Jedi in the galaxy could land your car in a roadside swamp. Getting your friends to help you out on Mapkin is probably a safer choice.

Mapkin is a highly customizable GPS service that lets you create spoken guides and share with interested parties. While Yoda’s directions might be as messy as his syntax, you can get the point across by having a friend’s phone tell them, “take a left where we used to eat lunch after track meets” at the right time.

And just in case your buddies forgot where you used to munch post runs, you can add pins for points of interest, either for directions or just for general interest.

We think Yoda would approve. Or rather, approve, we think Yoda would.