FindIt - Netted
Article • October 4, 2013


Find Files and Emails You Lost with FindIt

You checked Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, and under your couch. Your boarding pass is officially missing.

Solve the mystery with FindIt, an iPhone and Android app that indexes of all your emails, files, documents, and attachments across Google and Dropbox (and soon Outlook and Yahoo!, too).

While most phones already have universal search engines, most search engines think in narrow keywords. FindIt mimics the way we naturally remember things, so the tech fits us – not the other way around.

For example, try to remember just one word from an email you haven’t seen in years. FindIt will ask you some details to winnow down the possibilities – What type of file are you looking for? Any idea of the time frame? How about who was involved? – and surface the long-lost text in seconds.

And that’s how you go from MIA to MIA.