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Article • October 10, 2013

Optimize Microsoft Office on Mobile

QuickOffice creates and edits Microsoft Office files

Bill Gates has a tendency to focus on his misses, but we prefer to focus on his hits. Office, for example, revolutionized word processing, and now it has a killer, cross-platform app.

There’s just one asterisk: That app was made by Google (confusing, but we promise it is worth it). QuickOffice, which is available for the iPhone, iPad, and devices that run Google’s own Android operating system, is the best mobile app for Microsoft Office documents. We bet Bill likes it.

QuickOffice is a totally free app that lets users create, open, and edit Microsoft Office files and save them either locally on their device, or to Drive, Google’s cloud service. All you need is a Google account (like Gmail).

Picture that for a second: You can make any Office presentation, spreadsheet, document, or text file right on your phone or tablet, totally for free. If somebody sends you an .xls, .ppt, or .doc file, you don’t have to sweat finding a computer with the Office suite – just pop this app open and get working.

That means anybody can use it, whether or not you like ctrl-alt-del.