Wibbitz - Netted
Article • October 11, 2013


Wibbitz Reads You the News Off Your Phone

Picture the distant future: flying cars, a computer that reads you the news with breakfast, and, naturally, a robot maid. How much longer do we need to wait?

Well the robot maid is still in the works, and to be honest flying cars seem like an insurance nightmare, but with Wibbitz, you’ll get your news-reading computer. One out of three ain’t bad.

Wibbitz is an iPhone app that does a couple of things extraordinarily well. You tell it what news topics you care about, and it will automatically generate beautiful presentations of each of the day’s top stories.

But the Wibbitz experience is much more like a New York Timesvideo than a broadcast. The app displays automatically generated infographics, quotes, and relevant photos as it reads each story to you.

But, you’re probably asking, will it brush your teeth for you too?