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Article • October 14, 2013

Listen to the Oldies Online

Browse playlists by year, mood, and energy with

Waiting to be invented: the musical time machine. We saw the prototype with the “Evolution of Get Lucky”, but we’re thinking something decidedly more Back to the Future.

Great Scott! We just hopped out of the Delorean with, a music site powered by ShoutCast Radio that will play you all kinds of music from back in time.

Using their 1950’s, Dieter Rams-looking dial, you can specify music from any year, and it’ll create a full playlist according to that criteria.

Plus, you can get playlists based on a specific energy level (in BPM). You can even ask it for a mood – we’re enjoying the “rainy” and “surf” playlists right now.

You guys might not be ready for it. But your kids are going to love it.