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Article • October 16, 2013

Read Breaking News with Ease

Circa makes the news really easy to read

Seems like everybody is heralding the rebirth of long-form journalism. Everybody, that is, except those of us lacking the time to crack a 5,000-word article during the workweek.

For time-pressed news junkies, we’d like to introduce you to Circa, an app for the iPhone and Android that shrinks important news down to easily-digestible nuggets.

Circa – which is edited by former Reuters wordsmith Anthony De Rosa – publishes breaking news stories in a variety of subjects (U.S. and world news, technology, and more). So rather than sifting through your Twitter feed or compulsively refreshing the New York Times site, just open Circa and the news comes to you.

But the truly innovative element of Circa is how it presents items. Stories are broken up into an explanatory headline and a four-line summary. From there, swipe to see a stream of flashcard-like notes detailing the story in seconds flat. It even works offline.

Long live short-form journalism.