Blippex - Netted
Article • October 17, 2013


Blippex is a Search Engine that Protects Privacy

A couple of months ago, the Wall Street Journal set out to figure how much Google knows about its users. Here’s the understatement of the 21st century: It’s a lot.

For some people, all that data is a heavy tradeoff for the ability to quickly find a picture of Miley Cyrus’ tongue. But in a world where privacy is an increasingly valuable commodity, the folks at Blippex have made a search engine that lets you privately find content to your heart’s content.

Like other search engines, Blippex gathers information from its users to generate better search results. Unlike other engines, however, Blippex never attaches data to individual users. Rather, all the data it collects is quickly made anonymous and untraceable to any individual user.

It’s a neat solution, especially for fans of Rockwell. Just install Blippex’s browser plug-in and it’ll use the length and frequency of your page visits to learn which sites are the most important. It doesn’t care what else you do.

For Blippex, less is more.