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Article • October 18, 2013

Master Recording and Editing Audio

Recordium is a super-charged dictaphone app

Fall break can be a time of self-reflection for students. How do I make friends? How can I ace a class with a professor with illegible handwriting? Why does my roommate play World of Warcraft 18 hours a day?

We’ve got a great iPhone app for that second goal: It’s called Recordium, an all-purpose recording tool that can do everything from annotation to editing to sharing, and runs a cool $2.99 in the App Store.

Recordium is perfect for anyone who attends meetings, classes, concerts, or talks, and doesn’t want to spend the whole time typing notes. It makes finding important pieces of audio incredibly easy after the fact, too.

It accomplishes this with a suite of tools that help organize, tag important moments, add searchable notes, and attach relevant images in your audio.

Just as cool are Recordium’s editing (change sound quality, cut audio on the fly, and change file formats) and sharing tools (upload right to Dropbox or Evernote, or email it). Your classmates will love you – there’s that first goal down.

As for that last goal… you’re on your own.