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Article • October 21, 2013

Speak with Expert Doctors Instantly

HealthTap puts you in touch with doctors

It’s takes cojones for a website to display a running count of the number of lives it has saved.

But HealthTap, a new site with apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, has the goods to back it up.

When you join HealthTap, you get access to a community of 50,000 doctors, organized by expertise, who are available to advise you on your health conditions for free.

Take note: This is not WebMD or Yahoo! answers. This is you asking a doctor a specific question and getting a specific answer. Questions range from medication side effects to “Does this mole look dangerous to you?”, and each user has a personalized health feed that remains up-to-date with relevant answers and advice.

You can see why that counter is at 10,310 as of this writing.