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Article • October 24, 2013

Tell Digital Brand Stories

Create tappable web and mobile stories with Tapestry

A time-tested tenet of storytelling is “timing is everything.” But in the everything-at-once culture of the Internet, that element can sometimes get lost.

Tapestry is a new site with apps for iOS and Android that’s aiming to bring the art of storytelling back – a tall order, but this app pulls it off.

Tapestries are shareable slideshows formatted for phones and tablets where page turns are toggled by – you guessed it – taps. Using a toolset for fonts, images, and – you guessed it again – timing, users have created some pretty great stuff.

Though Tapestry is brand new, it’s beefed up by an active and creative base of creators who have turned the app into a platform for riffing on Kanye West, making recipes, and paying homage to one of the greatest movies ever made.

Plus, anyone can throw their hat in the ring by making tappable stories of their own with Tapestry’s on-site builder.

If you’re just getting started – Kanye’s a popular topic.