OneTimeBox - Netted
Article • October 28, 2013


Share Files with No Account on OneTimeBox

Your two choices for sending large files:

a) Sign up for a cloud account, or
b) Put them in a box for the recipient to pick up.

We’re serious about that second suggestion, by the way, as long as that box is OneTimeBox.

Created by MIT senior Oliver Song (is it just us, or are these programming prodigies getting younger?), OneTimeBox is the easiest way we’ve found to share your stuff with no registration or sign-in required. Simply drag and drop your files onto OneTimeBox and it spits out a link you can share with whoever wants its contents.

Even cooler: Anyone you share the link with can contribute items to the box, which can hold up to 1 GB and lasts for 1 week – all for free.

We have a feeling you’ll use OneTimeBox a lot more than once.