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Article • October 31, 2013

Get Personalized Workouts

Sworkit creates randomized circuit training regimens for your schedule

First there was 8-minute abs. Next, some genius thought of 7-minute abs. Where will it stop?

Not with Sworkit, a fitness app for iPhone, Android, and the Web that will get you your six pack whether you have an hour or (yep, you guessed it) just five minutes.

Simply tell Sworkit how much free time you have and what body part you want to target, and it will create a randomized workout that fits the bill.

And don’t worry if you’re a circuit training novice. Sworkit has diagrams and super-short video tutorials about how to do stuff like Burpees, Frog Kicks, Supermans, and other innocently named-though-killer drills that require no additional equipment.

Exercises are performed in 30-second intervals, and Sworkit guides you through the timed rotation with cues – meaning all you have to do it prop up your screen and tap the play button.

And, you know, sweat a lot.