Oyster - Netted
Article • November 4, 2013


Read Unlimited Books for $9.95 a Month on Oyster

What a year for Netflix. After the wild success of House of Cards, the streaming video service recently announced that it had passed rival HBO in subscribers. It’s almost like Qwikster never happened.

One company that has caught a whiff of that success is Oyster, a reading app for the iPhone and iPad that provides access to unlimited books for just $9.95 a month – and the first month is free.

Like fellow subscription apps Spotify, Netflix, and Rdio, Oyster provides unbounded content on demand and makes recommendations based on your use. But we’re amazed at how quickly Oyster pulls even the heftiest tomes off the shelf and onto your device.

Perhaps most impressive is the reading interface, our favorite part being the typographic themes which fine-tune the font and coloring of the display to your particular liking.

In other words, it’s one for the books.