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Article • November 8, 2013

Remember Your Year Flawlessly

One Second Every Day is a diary of mini videos

On Feb 20, 2011, after a brief existential crisis, Cesar Kuriyama quit his job.

He decided to take a year off to follow his dreams. To keep himself honest in carpe-ing that proverbial diem, he took a one second video every day with an app he created called 1 Second Everyday.

That app – which is now available on Android and iPhone for anyone to download – asks you to record something (anything) on a daily basis, so you can stay retroactively oriented. It then stitches the clips together into a montage of your life.

After a year, you’ll produce six minutes of video. That doesn’t seem like much, until you have the experience (like Cesar speaks about in his TED Talk) of randomly remembering something you forgot had even happened to you, and then thinking of how much you don’t remember.

After that, keeping memories close felt very practical.