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Article • November 11, 2013

Find the Best Stock Photos

Foap is a crowd-sourced stock photo site that pays users

If you had a dime for every picture on your phone you might have Mark Zuckerberg money by now.

To Foap, a dime seems paltry. How about $5? When you sign up for Foap’s crowd-sourced stock photo marketplace, you can start raking in more than just likes.

Foap is based on a simple idea: Billions of photos are uploaded on the Internet every day, and companies spend good money to use photos like those for their own use. Why not set up those two on a date?

Just upload your for-sale photos through the Android or iPhone app and if the snapshot makes it through Foap’s approval process you’re in business. From there, your shots get tagged and put up for sale. Watch your Lincolns roll in and cash out at any time.

Foap even uses one of its user’s photos on its homepage. Not bad for a selfie.