Rethink Your Morning Routine - Netted
Article • November 12, 2013

Rethink Your Morning Routine

The iPad app Morning gets you up and at 'em

Here’s how the Beatles wake up:

Step one: Wake up

Step two: Get out of bed

Step three: Drag a comb across your head

It goes on from there. Morning routines, hard as they may be, are about to get a major boost from Morning, an iPad app that runs about $4 and is about to become the best part of waking up.

Morning is a dashboard for your post-wake up routine. It smoothly displays your daily to-dos and calendar events (which you can mark done right in the app), how messy your commute is, the weather, and, if you’re really disoriented, time and date.

Morning also throws the newspaper at your front door with briefings and links to the day’s top stories, and up-to-the-minute information on how your portfolio is looking.

Our favorite part about Morning (the app, that is) is its gorgeous, flat design. You can choose between five rich color swatches, and rearrange Morning’s tiles to emphasize what you care about most.

You know, other than going back to sleep.