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Article • November 14, 2013

Become Your Own Director

Edit and share original movies with Directr

Truffaut. Fellini. Hitchcock. You.

Okay, maybe Directr won’t put you in that company right off the bat, but this mobile video app packs a punch powerful enough to turn ordinary videos into legitimate short films.

Where other video making apps focus on filters and effects, Directr focuses on smart editing and storytelling. It uses premade storyboards to guide you through the shooting process.

There’s the 30×30 (30 shots in 30 seconds), AutumnCocktail Party, and lots more. The app tells you what to shoot when and it organizes your clips into a coherent narrative.

Once you’re done, you can save your movie right to your phone and spread however you want: with a URL, through the app’s video feed, or by linking straight to Facebook.

The only inconvenient part is you have to wait until March 2nd to receive your Oscar.