Make Your Pup a Social Media Star - Netted
Article • November 15, 2013

Make Your Pup a Social Media Star

Pack is a dogs-only social network

Are you sick of people waving their new jobs in your face on Facebook? Tired of egregious wedding Instagrams clogging your feed? Finally admitted cats are over?

Skip town and take a visit to Pack, a social site completely devoted to dogs. There isn’t a relationship status or cheezburger in sight.

If you’re a fanatical dog owner, Pack is the ideal place to build a shrine for your pooch. Create a profile showing off their breed and other identifying information, and give them a superhero-like tagline. You can even give a shout out to their owners if you’d like.

But if you’d prefer canines from afar, you can use Pack to search and view pictures of dogs from around the world. Admire some adorable Bernese Mountain Dogs or beautiful Siberian Huskies. Like and track (follow) your favorite dogs.

“Man’s best friend” just took on a whole new meaning.