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Article • November 19, 2013

Make Grocery Shopping a Breeze

Sync grocery lists between housemates with Buy Me a Pie!

“Milk is a big problem for people in the supermarket. They’re never quite sure if they have it,” observed Webby winner Jerry Seinfeld. “There’s nothing worse than thinking you have milk and you don’t have it.”

Jerry will never again ruin a bowl of cereal once he downloads Buy Me a Pie, a simple app that syncs grocery lists within households.

Use the app to enter and add whatever needs restocking, as well as how many you need. It automatically groups similar items together to prevent runaround when shopping.

Once you’ve made a list, sync it with the folks who share your refrigerator; all parties involved can add items either on the Web or through the app for iPhone and Android.

The free version (iPhone and Android) operates sans the device-syncing capability; the pro version will run you $2.99, which, it should be noted, is cheaper than a gallon of milk.