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Article • November 20, 2013

Create, Edit, and Share Videos

MixBit is a video creator, editor, and forum

For their first trick, they created YouTube.

It’s a tough act to follow.

But Chad Hurley and Steve Chen weren’t content to simply revolutionize how we watch video. They want to change how we create it, too.

For that, they made MixBit, a new video creator, editor, and sharer that’s available on the iPhone, Android, and the web. The app lets users record multiple 16-second takes (adding up to videos as long as 68 minutes) and edit and rearrange clips until their mixes are complete.

But because every mix begs a remix, the website lets you collaborate on any MixBit project to make new creations form existing footage.

The app is already making waves: Hurley used it to memorialize Kanye West’s proposal to Kim Karadashian. 1.72 million views (and one lawsuit) later, it seems MixBit is quite adept at mixing things up.