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Article • November 21, 2013

Get the Best Online Deals

Find the Internet's best deals with Biggest Price Drop

We all love getting deals, but it’s unclear how to land them. Maybe it “fell off the back of a truck.” Maybe you “know a guy.” Maybe you “know a guy who knows a guy.”

Well we’d like to introduce you to your new “guy” – his name is Biggest Price Drop. This website tracks 4.5 million products across 54 of the biggest retailers on the internet, and lets you know what’s at its cheapest right now.

More than ten times a day, every day, Biggest Price Drop checks the price of every item on every site it monitors. Then, on their homepage, they display the items with the steepest price plummet, over various time spans, so you can know what’s the best deal.

Biggest Price Drop also fixes a problem you might not have even known you had. Many stores artificially raise prices so they can make their markdowns look huge. BPD shows you the product’s real price change.

We think you’ll love watching prices fall (not off a truck, that is).