Timbre - Netted
Article • November 22, 2013


Timbre Gets You to the Show on Time

They’re loud. People spill beer on you. The bathroom line is 45 minutes. Your legs get tired. And of course some joker always yells, “Free Bird!”

Here to make one aspect of seeing concerts better is Timbre, an iPhone and Android app for finding and buying tickets to shows in your area.

Timbre is entirely location-based, displaying only shows happening within a predefined radius. No preferences. No filters. Just flip open the app and it immediately displays a variety of shows – from Ravi Coltrane to Justin Timberlake – in your area.

But where Timbre really distinguishes itself (other than it’s exquisite design) is its end-to-end concert-planning ability. Users can search, map, book, and purchase tickets to any show listed. Plus it plays a track by any artist you’re viewing to help you discover new artists.

It can even find you a Lynyrd Skynyrd show, if you’re the “Free Bird” type.