Mummify - Netted
Article • November 26, 2013


Mummify Makes Webpages Last Forever

The list of things that last forever is pretty short. Diamonds. General Hospital. Keith Richards. Some would argue love, but your 8th grade boyfriend might disagree.

Contrary to popular belief, the Internet doesn’t fit into that category, with the exception of Mummify, a brand new site that lets you create permanent carbon copies of your favorite pages for posterity.

With a simple copy-and-click action, users can create immortal URLs – even if the original webpage is taken down, your Mummify link will still work.

Not sure that newspaper photo of your daughter’s game-winning goal will be up forever? Mummify it. Read an op-ed you think will get taken down? Mummify it. Your buddy wrote a blog entry he’s sure to regret? Definitely Mummify it.

For those worried about privacy: Anything requiring a login can’t be Mummified, so your bank statements, emails, and (yes) embarrassing Facebook photos are safe.

Because some things should die a natural death.