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Article • December 2, 2013

Share Your Files Seamlessly

Pass files between desktop and device with DeskConnect

Ever feel like your phone and computer aren’t really friends? Sure, they’ll hang out when you sync music, but when you need to send a picture from device to desktop they suddenly aren’t talking to each other.

Here to play peace broker is DeskConnect, an iPhone and Mac application that allows users to send anything between devices seamlessly.

Install the app on your Mac and also the one for your iPhone or iPad. Then you can send documents, maps, files, photos, and more from device to device. You can even initiate a call on your iPhone by clicking a phone number on your computer.

The interface is easy to use. On your Mac, DeskConnect lives in the menu bar. Drag and drop photos, videos, and files onto the icon to ship them to your device. On your iPhone, you can send items directly to your Mac from right within the mobile app.

Think of it like couples therapy for your favorite devices.