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Article • December 4, 2013

Read the Most Important News

News360 only delivers news you care about

News means different things to different people.

For some it’s politics and finance. For some it’s dating rumors and puff pieces. (No judgments here: We love offbeat news.)

So it only makes sense to use News360, a website with apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone that tailors breaking news to your particular tastes.

See, the Internet is full of noise. A regular perusal of news outlets can be time-consuming and a little frustrating, and folks interested in finding stories they care about can wade through a lot of misses en route to the hits.

That’s where News360 comes in. Sign up for the free service, connect your social accounts, and tell it what topics you care about. After that, use the app for a few days and you’ll start to notice stories you like appearing, as if by magic.

It’s like a personalized newspaper hitting your doorstep every day.