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Article • December 6, 2013

Share and Print Your Photos

Kicksend is the only photo-sharing app you'll ever need

The pitch for Kicksend went something like this.

Editor #1: “I have an awesome photo sharing app.”
Editor #2: (Puts finger gun to head and pretends to shoot himself.)
Editor #1: “But this one is really cool.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

To share photos, just tap the ones you want to send then enter the recipient(s) email address or cell phone number. The app – available for iPhone, Android, and the web – delivers a link to a page where the photos can be viewed and downloaded in full resolution. It is literally easier than email.

You can also use Kicksend to order prints of photos on your computer or phone, either by mail or picked up at a nearby drugstore. The best part? You can do that without ever creating an account or logging in.

Which is something we always think is really cool.